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NARS American Dream Palette…


NARS American Dream Palette…

4 Comments 11 January 2013

I’ve not actually really heard a lot about this palette, but when my boyfriend surprised me with it at Christmas I was very pleased indeed – He is well aware of my love for the brand and this was a definite welcome addition to my collection.

packaging 1 wmk


The palette comes in the usual NARS rubberised casing, with a black embossed logo on the lid – it’s around the same size as a NARS bronzer.

packaging 2 WMK

American Dream contains six shadows, five of which are shimmer/satin finish, and one is matte. The shades are fairly neutral, but there are a couple of shades which have a twist and add interest to the panel. I have definitely noticed that my tastes are veering more towards the neutral as far as eyeshadows go. When I first started this blog I had massive love for more colourful eyeshadows, but as time has passed I have changed a bit – I have big eyes anyway (honestly, I have lost count of the number of times people have actually asked me “do you have a thyroid problem?” – I try not to be offended!), and I find that if I go overboard with colour my eyes look a bit cartoonish, so over the past year I’ve definitely been on a neutral bender – Naked palettes, MUA Undressed and Heaven and Earth, and Clarins Odyssey palettes have all been well used. When I do add colour, I tend to go for warm shades like bronze, gold’s and coppers. So yep, this is another neutral palette, but in the way only a  makeup obsessive “gets”, its different enough to want to add to the stash.

palette 1 WMK

The top row has the shades Belissima, Alhambra and Silk Road.

PicMonkey Collage ROW 1 wmk

swatches 1 WMK

On swatching, Bellisima is a good highlight shade – not too stark, and not too golden. Alhambra is a lovely creamy gold shade, and Silk Road actually looks a lot better in real life than in the photo, which doesn’t really show this shade off to its best – I’d describe it a s pink bronze with a gold shimmer.

The bottom row contains the shade Glapagos, Bali and Tzarine.

PicMonkey Collage 2 WMK

swatches 2 WMK

Galapagos is a dark, warm brown with golden shimmer, Bali is a matte medium brown with neutral undertones and could possibly double as a brow shadow, whilst Tzarine is a duochrome green- brown shade – it reminds me of a darker version of MAC’s Club eyeshadow, and would pair well with many shades for a smoky eye, as well as the “Dogon” duo which was a massive hit in the blogosphere from the Summer 2011 collection).

All of the shades in the palette are available in already existing duos (Belissima, Alhambra, Silk Road and Tzarine) or as singles (Galapagos and Bali) – I didn’t previously own any of them, so this was a great palette for me.

Admittedly NARS shadows can be a little bit sketchy at times, in terms of payoff and falldown, but so far I’m really happy that these are six of NARS better shadows – they feel creamy smooth and blend well.

The palette is sold out on many NARS counters, but is still available online, and retails at £39.50.

Cruelty Free? This depends on your view of Parent companies – The brand itself claims to be CF, however is owned by Shiseido, who do test.

Disclaimer – This was a gift.

Urban Decay Naked Basics.


Urban Decay Naked Basics.

No Comments 23 December 2012

So, at the moment I have a bit of an on-off relationship with Urban Decay, as they don’t seem to know their arse from their elbow when it comes to sticking to their principles with regards to animal testing. First came the great China debacle, and then a couple of weeks ago I heard that they had been sold to L’Oreal, a company well known for using animal testing. I nagged them on twitter for a bit, and they did reply telling me that they have assured PETA that their cruelty free principles have not been compromised by this sale. Obviously everyone will have different views on this – the issue of parent company is a hotly contested one when it comes to the cruelty free issue. Personally I still purchase from CF brands who are owned by non CF companies such as NARS (owned by Shiseido), and The Body Shop (owned by L’Oreal), so I have for now decided to continue to use Urban Decay products. That’s a personal decision though, and I can completely understand why other Cruelty Free advocates might avoid.

So, this palette has been causing a bit of a stir in the beauty community of late – both the original Naked and the Naked 2 palettes are extremely popular – the only common complaint (especially with the original version) seems to be the lack of matte shades, which appears to be what UD are trying to address here.

Size wise this is a dinky palette, and comes in a snap-close case which has a rubberised finish similar to NARS.

sizes 2 WMK

The Basics palette is about the size of a pack of cards, but obviously a bit thinner. It doesn’t come with any add-ons – no brushes, eye liners, primer potions or mini lipglosses to add any bulk, which is actually no bad thing in my opinion, making this ideal for travel or carrying about in a makeup bag.

Not all of the shades in the palette are actually matte – one is a satin finish, and the darkest shade looks as if it contains fine shimmer particles – these don’t actually show on application, so actually this could be counted as a matte.

The shades run across the palette from lightest to darkest.

shades 1-3 WMK

swatches 1-3 WMK

Venus is a satin shade – white with a hint of warmth/yellow to it, which makes a good highlighter  or lid shade – it could also be layered over any of the other shades to add a bit of shimmer if wanted. Next along is Foxy, a pale beige/barley shade, followed by Walk of Shame, which is also a pale brown shade with a slightly more pink undertone. Both Foxy and WOS make good all over shades to create a base to blend over, and are also great for blending out other shades. Both these shades run pretty close to my actual skin colour though, so they don’t make a massive impact. Sometimes that’s not what you want from an eye shadow though…

shades 4-6 WMK

swatches 4-6 WMK second - better.

Naked 2 is a coolish nude brown shade, nice for a lid shade when creating a smokier eye, or for an outer corner shade on a more everyday shade. Faint is a darker neutral brown shade, again great for smoking out the eye or lining the lashline. Crave is abit of a deceptive shade – in the palette this has a blackened brown appearance, but when swatched appears black – its possible that the more this was blended out the less it would look black, and the more it would appear as a dark brown. It also appears to have a very fine golden shimmer in the palette, but again this doesn’t really translate when applied.

As a standalone palette, the Naked Basic’s palette certainly does what it ways on the tin – it is a basic neutral palette, which is mostly matte. A few years ago, when I first started blogging, I wouldn’t have given this palette a second glance to be honest – back then I was like a kid in a candy shop for using bright colours and could carry that off as I was still in my twenties. As time has progressed, I’ve grown more affection for a neutral eye. That’s not, I hasten to add, because I think those over their twenties shouldn’t wear colour – nothing could be further from the truth! In my case though my eye’s are a fairly prominent feature of my face, and any attempt to enhance them with colour can actually make them look a little cartoonish – I’ve simply found that keeping my eyes neutral, or using one or two coloured shades carefully, and enhancing my lips makes my face look a bit more balanced.

As you can see from the pictures above, some of the shades do actually kick up a bit of dust when used – this seems to be a common problem with matte ey shadows. I haven’t found that it’s caused any issues with blending or application though, and the eyeshadows ahve a good longevity, which can obsiously be improved by the use of a primer.

If you already own one or both of the previous naked palettes and are craving a little matte to supplement them, then this is definitely worth a look, however I would say that this is definitely more the case with Naked 1 – Naked 2 does contain a few matte shades anyway, meaning you might not find this useful. I like the fact that this palette is pretty much all I need if I’m away from home – this plus a mixture of lipsticks and blushers makes a pretty versatile little makeup bag.

If on the other hand, you find neutral shades dull, like to use a lot of colour, and/or are all about the shimmer, then you’ll probably find this palette duller than dishwater…

The Naked Basics palette is available from Debenhams online and in store for £20.

Cruelty Free? Lot of debate, see above! For now they appear to still be a cruelty free brand, although their parent company, L’Oreal definitely are not.

Disclaimer – I purchased this with my own money. 

This Works! no Wrinkles Night Repair Serum


This Works! no Wrinkles Night Repair Serum

2 Comments 22 December 2012

This is a product I was sent for review a couple of months ago, and I’ve been using it daily ever since – without realising, it’s become a product I use and love every day, and I miss it when I can’t get to it, for example if I’m away from home.

night serum 2 WMK


When I was contacted to see if I was interested in trying this, the selling point of providing the appearance of eight hours sleep was really what got my attention – a combination of shift work and bouts of disturbed sleep means that often my skin looks blotchy, tired and dehydrated – when it get especially dehydrated I do notice that very fine lines appear over my cheeks which depress me greatly.

Product claims;

“Reduces signs of skin fatigue and premature ageing by attacking the glycotoxins that build up when you don’t get enough sleep.” (Between you and me I had no idea what Glycotoxins were – a quick google search revealed that they are the end product of breakdown of certain foods which cause accelerated aging)
The serum contains Persian Silk Tree extract, Cactus Flower extract and Retinol to prepare the skin for its night time reparations and to promote youthful radiance.
“Readies the skin for moisturiser and revives tired skin, ensuring you wake up with the natural glow of eight hours’ sleep – regardless of how little you’ve had.”

So lets start from the outside – the packaging of this is really lovely – it comes in an airtight pump dispenser which is always one of my prefered modes of packaging – hygienic  airtight and light-tight. One pump provides just the right amount for one application – I was initially a little heavy handed with it, but quickly realised this was just a waste of what is a fairly high end product ( it retails at £45 for 30mls).

night serum 3 WMK


I was actually surprised by the appearance of this in terms of the product itself when I first used it too – serums I’ve used before have usually been gel like or liquid textures – this has more of a cream texture, and initially I expected this to feel heavy, but it isn’t it melts in to my skin and sinks in quickly.

night serum 4 corners


For the first couple of weeks of using this, I have to say, I didn’t really feel like it was doing anything much – it was pleasant to use, has a nice relaxing scent (lavender and patchouli-ish) which is lovely for night time use, but didn’t seem to be making any noticeable difference to my skin. However in about the third week of using it, I started to fall a little bit in love with it.

Those fine little dehydration lines were starting to disappear, and my skin was starting to look a lot more glowy – not in a greasy way, rather in a healthy looking smooth and content skin way.

I’ve been using this at night and topping it with my Organic Surge Intensive moisuriser – which I’ve reviewed HERE, and this seems to be a great combination for my dry/dehydrated skin.

Of course, you definitely need to take you’re own skin type into account – mine is dry and dehydrated, and although this serum is very light and sinks in well, it does provide a decent shot of moisture, so I’m not sure how well very oily skin types would get on with it.  Likewise, I can’t comment on whether this would be rich enough for very dry skin types. I’d say for normal to combination to slightly dry types will like this though.

I’ve personally been so impressed with this, that I am aiming to pick up the eye cream from the “No Wrinkles” range to see if this can perform similar miracles to the night serum.

Repurchase? Yes. For me this worked a treat, but be aware that this is a slow-burner and not an instant miracle cream.

Cruelty Free? This Works state on their website that their products are not tested on animals, however I am unable to find any information regarding the testing of their ingredients, or whether they pay for third party testing, and the line is not listed in the BUAV or PETA cruelty free lists.

Disclaimer – This product was sent to me for review purposes. 

Diptyque Roses


Diptyque Roses

2 Comments 18 December 2012

My lovely boyfriend bought this for me for Valentine’s day, and I’ve been saving it to use ever since. Hopes were high for this as a lot of people really seem to rave about Diptyque being the best candles out there – they certainly have a price tag which demands good results at £38 for a 190g candle…


To be honest though, I do actually feel a little bit mixed about this candle. On the plus side it has a good burn time of around 60 hours (about 60p per hour burning…). I also thing that scent wise this is a really great candle – it smells of real rose, not a hint of synthetic scent at all, which for me, is really the only way rose products should be. It also looks the part – the Diptyque packaging in simple but chic.

However, there are definitely a few negatives with it too. The packaging claims that as long as the wick is trimmed short prior to each burn, the candle will burn evenly and cleanly. Sadly in my case neither of these claims proved true. Before burning my candle I have been religious about trimming down the wick, however after a week or so of use, I was sad to see a nasty patch of soot developing on the rim of the glass.

soot WMK

I’ve also been disappointed to find that the candle has really not burned down evenly. I know this is a little odd, but this is totally a pet hate of mine. I always end up waiting for it to cool down and then prodding the uneven bits down in a bid to make it look “right” again – am I the only one who does this? I always find though that this doesn’t really help, just makes an expensive candle look cheap.

Apparently the reasons for the uneven burn and the soot are one and the same – the wax in the candle is paraffin based, rather than the more eco friendly and evenly burning soy wax.

Frankly I do feel a little bit disappointed with this candle – especially when brands like NEOM are producing such high quality soy based candles for  around the same price. I think I had super-high expectations (which are probably justified given how much they cost), which the candle failed to live up to. If you are looking for a well scented candle and things like soot don’t really bother you, then these might be right up your street, because, as I say, fragrance wise these don’t disappoint. For me though this candle failed to live up to my expectations.

Disclaimer – This was a gift.

Organic Surge Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser


Organic Surge Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser

No Comments 07 November 2012

It’s that time of year again… And as much as I love it, Autumn and Winter (is it just me or do they just merge into six months of cold, wind and rain?), the central heating and weather can leave skin feeling a bit worse for wear.

My normally dry skin seems to become more dehydrated, sleepless nights show more, and I generally look a little worse for wear when the seasons are changing, and bad weather leaves my face feeling like it’s been slapped.

Bring on this little pot of happy…

The first thing I noticed about this cream was the smell – it has a delicious herbal almost spa like scent to it – not at all artificial, the main scent is rose, but this is in no way an old-lady smelling cream. If you have ever smelled the original range from The Sanctuary and liked it, then this will probably appeal to you

The second thing I noticed was the texture – in the pot this looks like a really thick, almost balm like product – and to me this actually added to the appeal of the product – this is aimed at dry skin types, and at this time of year I like something that feels rich and comforting on the skin. At the same time though, I don’t want to feel like my skin is clogged up with a heavy mask of lotion. This impressed me though – the cream does definitely have a rich consistency but it melts into the skin and I didn’t experience any sticky residue feelings. In fact, I felt like this provided a really smooth finish, and acted as a good base for makeup. It left me feeling hydrated and comfortable all day. No feelings of dryness or parched central heating skin.

The moisturiser is water based, and also contains the following;

Ingredients – Aqua (Water), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Glycerin (Veg)*, Glycerin (Veg), Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter*, Glyceryl Monostearate SE, Butyrospermum Parkii*, Simmondsia Chinensis*, Stearic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Cetearyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Myristate, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Vitis Vinifera*, Vitis Vinifera, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Tocopherol, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil*, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil,Geraniol, Citronellol, Linalool. *ingredient from organic farming. Naturally occurring within essential oils.

As you can see, the cream contains Rose Geranium Oil to balance the skin and boost the circulation, Aloe Vera to soothe, and Glycerine which retains moisture in the skin.

All in all this is a little pot of win – I love it in the daytime over my Clarins Hydraquench serum (review HERE), and I also love to apply a thicker layer at night to soak in. It leaves my skin soft, comfortable and looking hydrated, which for the pricepoint is a really great result. Definitely recommended for dry skin types.

This moisturiser is also really well priced at £8.99 available online or at selected retailers including John Lewis and Waitrose.

Cruelty Free? Organic Surge state that they do not test their products on animals, and also state that they do not use products or ingredients which are tested on animals. Certain raw materials which have been tested in the past are obtained with a fixed cut off date – ie no further tests performed after this date. This is a standard widely accepted by anti-vivisection organisations.

Disclaimer – PR sample provided for review. All opinions are honest and based on my own experiences with a product.

Bourjois “Bleu Fabuleux”


Bourjois “Bleu Fabuleux”

No Comments 24 October 2012

This is a polish which seems to attract a lot of attention – I wore this at work on Friday, and basically had about five people commenting that it was a lovely shade and asking what it was. In the bottle this doesn’t look like the most amazing shade ever, but on the nails this is a really nice bright almost-but-not-quite Royal blue…

Excuse the sloppy application – polish on the cuticles etc which will, I’m sure have many a nail blogger vomiting with disgust. I’m never great at perfect polish application, and I frankly don’t have the patience for wrapping cotton wool around a cocktail stick to tidy up the cuticle area. I have a never ending admiration for those that do – I did try once in the past, but it didn’t really work, so I abandoned it.

Anyway, this is a two-coater polish – I applied a top coat in the picture above, to try to make it last longer, but this wasn’t really needed as it had a nice shiny finish. The polish wore reasonably – some tip-wear after a couple of days and noticed minor chipping on day three.

Cruelty Free? The Bourjois website previously stated that the brand did not test on animals, however I was unable to find this when writing up this review – I also noticed that the company now have websites for Korea, Vietnam and Hong-Kong, so it is likely that they participate in mandatory tests for that market.

October Glossybox

Nails, Skincare

October Glossybox

3 Comments 17 October 2012

Yep, it’s that time of the month again – Glossybox has landed. Well actually in my case it was shoved under the back gate on a rainy day and left there for a few hours while I was at work – My postie wins at life.

Want to know what the heck a Glossybox is? Click HERE, to read my rundown of the service.

This month’s box seems to have a couple of themes – DIY beauty, ie pampering you can do at home, and also supports Breast Cancer Care – 10p from each box is being donated, and Glossybox are holding their own “Pink Friday” event to raise more cash for the charity.

So, what’s in this month’s box (Does anyone else get flashbacks to the film Se7en? “What’s in the Booooooxxxx”?) then?

First of all, we have a nail polish – This is a lovely pink shade from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Range – I have reviewed a polish from this line before (HERE), and the colours I have tried so far have impressed me…

The shade I received is called “Shrimply Divine”, and its a pretty, bright summery shade, probably more suited to toes at this time of year, but I like that it fits in with the Breast Cancer Care theme. This is a full sized product and retails at £6.99.

I was really pleased to see a Dr Jart BB cream sample in the box – this is a fairly new range to the UK,and one which I was pleasantly surprised to discover is cruelty free (although not vegan – some of the line contains snail extracts, an ingredient which seems to ping in and out of fashion in beauty products on a regular basis unfortunately)

This is a decent sized sample at 15ml – full size is 40mls and retails at £24, although other formulations are available such as “Water Fuse” which I am planning to give a whirl at some point in the future…

Another pink product next, this time from Anatomicals in the form of their “Don’t Just Clean it Woman, Scrub it!” body scrub.

Some might not feel like this is a particularly luxe product, but I am always really drawn to this range, which has just started to sell in Tesco. I think the packaging is fun, the products smell great (this is no exception, and has a lovely zesty pink grapefruit scent), and generally live up to their promises. They also look a lot more expensive than they actually are. This is a 75ml sample, perfect for travel – the full size is 200mls and retails at £3.49.

Next up is another full sized product from Yves Rocher – “Hydra Vegetal, Instant Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser”

This moisturiser is apparently rich in hyaluronic acid, a known skin plumper which is proven to work, so this could be a great product. As mentioned this is full size at 30mls and retails at £18.

Finally, a small sample of a product I’m completely unfamiliar with – Skinetica’s Anti-Blemish Solution;

 This is a product I’m unlikely to use to be honest, as I don’t suffer many blemishes, and when I do I prefer to leave them be. This is about a 5-10 ml sample at a guess (the size is not on the bottle), and a full, 100ml size retails at £6.99.

Overall I’m more impressed with this months box than I have been with a few of the recent ones, and I think it’s a good “value for money” box.

Cruelty Free? The BB Cream and Shower Scrub are cruelty free, although Dr Jart is not a vegan line. Sally Hansen state on their website that they do not test products or ingredients on animals, and nor do they commission a third party to do so, however are owned by Coty, who do use animal testing. Yves Rocher have began to sell in China, and so are no longer cruelty free. I am unable to find any information on Skinetica’s website regarding their testing policies.

Disclaimer – PR Sample.

Sleek PPQ Shangri-La Collection


Sleek PPQ Shangri-La Collection

2 Comments 16 October 2012

PPQ have teamed up with Sleek to create a new limited edition “Shangri-La” collection, inspired by Motown and 60’s style. I was sent a couple of pieces from the collection, which consists of two palettes, and two new matte lip products to review.

The “Supreme” palette is “a melody of rich and earthy matte shades”, and the lip matte in the shade “Soul” is a “cool-toned pink ideal for creating pale lips to offset dramatic eyes”, according to the press release.

I have to say, when I realised that this was a matte palette, my heart did sink a little as in the past I have been disappointed with the matte shades Sleek have offered, finding them chalky and quite poor in terms of pigmentation and payoff. These were a pleasant surprise however – decent pigmentation, good payoff, and a creamier texture than I have seen before from Sleek.

Quality aside, on a personal level, I do prefer the look of the “Respect” palette, which contains warmer shades including some coral’s and pinks, but there are definitely some interesting shades in the Supreme palette – I’m especially impressed with the payoff from the green and yellow based shades, and matte brown shades are always useful to have for blending, or creating smoky looks.

At £7.99 each, the palettes in this collection are the usual great value for money – I’d definitely struggle to find matte shades of this quality on the highstreet in other lines.

The matte lip product in the shade “Soul”, is a really interesting product – it’s not really a lip gloss, more a liquid lip shade, which dries down to a matte and very long lasting finish.

While I’m not sure I can personally carry off this shade, which reminds me a lot of MAC’s “St Germain”, I am definitely going to try to get my hands on “Jazz”, the other shade in the collection, which is a rich red shade – these retail at £4.99.

At the moment, you can also pick up sets for £11.99 on the Sleek Website containing one palette with it’s corresponding lip matte.

Cruelty Free? At the moment Sleek do not have any information on their testing policy on the website. I know in the past that they did have an FAQ section, which stated that they did not test on animals, however did state that some products were not suitable for vegetarians/vegans, due to containing products suck as beeswax. I am not sure if they have made changes to their policy, or this still stands.

Disclaimer – PR sample. 

Superfacialist by Una Brennan – Rose Facial Oil


Superfacialist by Una Brennan – Rose Facial Oil

3 Comments 14 October 2012

I’ve long been a fan of the “double cleansing” method, especially on “makeup days” – cleansing once to remove makeup, and a second time to actually cleanse the skin. So I was pretty intrigued to see this range in Boots, which advocates an oil or “pre-cleansing” step.

Una Brennan is a pretty big deal in facialist circles in London, having built up an amazing reputation for herself over the past 17 years, so it’s great to see a diffusion range from her available in Boots. The range carries three lines – Rose to cleanse, hydrate and calm, Tea Flower to deep cleanse, balance and mattify, and Neroli for anti-ageing, firming and plumping, and is all meant to be suitable for sensitive skin, and all skin-types.

I picked up the “Rose Hydrate Miracle Makeover Facial Oil” in my local Boots for £14.99 (the range is currently exclusive to Boots and Boots.com) – Boots currently have a 3 for 2 offer on all skincare so this is a good time to go and pick this up if you do want it. The range includes face masks, cleansers, scrubs and moisturisers and is priced between £7.99 for the cleansers and £16.99 for the Neroli night cream.

The rose oil is recommended to use as a “pre-cleanse”, AKA, step one of a double cleanse – it recommends warming between the hands, applying and massaging, before removing with a muslin cloth or flannel, and then following with a cream cleanser from the range. I’ve been following these instructions but following up with my Trilogy Rose cleanser (review HERE) because I still have half a bottle to get through of that, and didn’t see the point of buying another rose cream cleanser yet. The oil can also be used in smaller quantities as a hydrating treatment, massaged in before applying moisturiser, but I haven’t used it in this way.

Now, as you might have spotted from the pictures, this is quite a small bottle of oil (30mls) when you compare it with other oil cleansers. However, unlike many oil cleansers, this appears to contain no mineral oil,and is a blend of pure oils including rose, avocado, raspberry and petchouli in a carrier or sunflower seed oil, so is much less pore clogging, and is made from quality ingredients. I was however worried that given the size of the bottle, I would go through this in about a week, which would make it a bit of an expensive cleanser…

This is however a bit different than other oil cleansers I have used – initially when you pump it out of the bottle it feels like it has quite a thick consistency, however, as you warm it up by rubbing it between the palms, it gains a thinner consistency when it hits body temp, which means it spreads quite well – I’ve found that one to two pumps, depending on how much makeup I have on is adequate, so this little bottle is lasting well – I don’t wear makeup every single day though, so obviously take that into account when weighing up a purchase.

The other difference is that this doesn’t emulsify like other oil cleansers I have tried when you add water to it – you really do need a cloth to remove it. On the plus side, this means that the oil can be used to massage whilst cleansing, which is never a bad thing – if you need a few pointers as to how to do a facial massage, check out this post by Caroline Hirons. The downside is of course, that you do need to be a little more thorough when removing it, as this doesn’t just rinse off.

As a cleanser though, this does a really good job, and dissolves all the makeup I use on a regular basis including waterproof mascara. And although I’ve harped on about this needing to be removed with a cloth, that’s no big deal as I use a muslin cloth anyway. This also a very hydrating and conditioning cleanser – it leaves my skin feeling soft, and comfortable, with no dryness at all, and I haven’t noticed any issues with congestion/breakouts other than those my skin already had before

This is my first foray into this range, and it’s definitely got my interest – I’m extremely likely to also try the Neroli oil, as well as the Rose Mask in the future.

Cruelty Free? As far as I can tell the range is cruelty free, although there is no information on the superfacialist site regarding this.

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