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A Quick Friday FOTD


A Quick Friday FOTD

No Comments 18 December 2010

I haven’t done one of these posts for ages… this is a super quick look inspired by THIS video from the lovely Tanya Burr, or Pixi2woo as she is known better on YouTube…

I’m loving really simple eye makeup looks at the moment – maybe it’s something to do with having a fringe, but at the moment I feel like anything too complex just looks too much. I also think having such big eyes also contribures to it looking too much for a day-to-day thing… It’s also a lot easier and quicker!

On the eyes I simply used Amber Lights from MAC, blended it out and added black liner, and a lot of mascara. I also used a little MAC brule to blend out the top edge, and add a natural highlight.

Being a warmish brown colour, Amber Lights is very complimentary to blue eyes… I do think the eyeliner is necessary to give some definition, although you could use a brown shade for a softer look – The Prestige intense liners include a dark brown which is great for this type of look.

Easy peasy!

On the skin I used a new foundation I picked up from Max Factor – the Xperience foundation (I use the shade Raw Silk, which is the second lightest). I’ve only used this a couple of times, so I’m still forming an opinion on it really…

So far, I like the way it applies – it feels like a tinted moisturiser but with coverage. I’d say it gives low to medium coverage. You do need a concealer with it. Once set with powder it lasts pretty well on the skin. I’d say so far I’m liking this as a daytime foundation, but for night-time, I’d want something with more coverage…

For contour I used Illamasqua powder blush in Risk (which appears to have been discontinued), and on the cheeks, this recent purchase from Accessorize Makeup;

This is the shade “Bombshell”, and is one of their merged baked blushers, which are great value at £5. They are very pigmented, and although a little powdery feeling on swatching, they apply, blend and last well on the cheeks. The more I try from this line the more I like!

Bombshell is one of those shades which “could be a bronzer or could be a blusher”, but its basically great for days when you don’t want to agonize (and I use that word with no irony) over your blush shade…

Have you tried much from the Accessorize range? Any recommendations?

Oh, and on lips I have Hollywood Gold from Estee Lauder’s Michael Kors collection…


Illamasqua Nail Quills Explained!

No Comments 17 November 2010

Ever since these popped up on the Illamasqua site, I know I’m not the only one who has been intruiged…
Illamasqua have finally shared a bit more info through the magic of YouTube…

Personally I think these are great fun and vampy – they are centainly more interesting than the blinging talons usually on offer in Boots and Superdrug. Obviously you’d need the right occasion too… 

What do you think of them?

Illamasqua Art of Darkness – Swatches and Review


Illamasqua Art of Darkness – Swatches and Review

No Comments 25 September 2010

Like a lot of other bloggers I was recently invited to attend the Bloggers preview of the new Art of Darkness collection from Illamasqua, but I was unable to attend as I was attending the engagement party of a really good friend. I was pleased then to recieve a parcel from Illamasqua the following week with a few pieces from the collection.

There are two nail varnishes in the collection – Scarab, a red, and Viridian, a shimmery green. I was sent Viridian, and this is a perfect “Beetle green” – the kind of colour you imagine a beetle to look when it catches the light. I’m probably not selling the shade on that description, but this is a beautiful colour.

Viridian is similar to a racing green, but is shot through with blue. On the nails it looks like this;

When it catches the light, the blue tone really stands out, and in close up, it has a lovely microshimmer…
I am a big fan of the formula and finish of the Illamasqua polishes, but I mostly go for creme finishes, so this is something a bit different for me. To me this is a lovely alternative to harsher statement colours like black, and is unusual so will be noticed. Scarab, the red version looks like it has a similar finish, so it’s on my list of purchases. 
I was also sent the new lipgloss from the range – an intense gloss in the shade Hermetic. This shade is described on the website as a “deep, wine red”. This is a dark and daring but sumptuous shade, and I really like it. It definitely has impact, and in a way it has a 1920’s vibe about it which I love – the 20’s are my favourite period for makeup looks!
This darkened plum shade has a gold shimmer to it which can be seen in the swatch below…
It also translates well on the lips…
The other lip product in the collection is a navy blue lipstick (Disciple) – a shade I’d love to be brave enough and attractive enough to wear! I might get one for my kit though!
I was also sent one of the two pigments from the collection – Alluvium. There is also a bronze shade called Ore, which looks like a must have;

Alluvium, is a beautiful metallic blue which contains multicoloured fine shimmer particles – I can see gold, red, purple, green and silver reflects in the product.

The pigment give a subtle result when swatched dry;

But when applied wet or over a primer, the richness of the pigmentation and shimmer really stands out;

There are a few other things I hope to pick up from the collection… namely the liquid metal palette, which contains three new shades;
I am also hoping to get the new powdered metal in Ether, as I love the other powdered metals, and this one looks like a fab gold highlighter…
I’ve reviewed the new liners from the range in a separate post which you can find HERE.
Will you be picking anything up from the new collection?
Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation.


Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation.

2 Comments 28 August 2010

When Illamasqua first launched, their foundations were one of the first things I purchased, being the total foundation junkie that I am. I actually purchased the cream version first of all, and I love that, so I went back for more. The rich liquid foundation is a real stand by for nights out, and for days when I don’t want my makeup to budge an inch. I also love it for bad skin days – The rich liquid gives absolutely the fullest coverage I have ever seen from a liquid foundation, and I have even used it in place of a concealer when needed. It’s a versatile product too, and can be mixed with a moisturiser or a lighter foundation for a lighter look. 

Their light foundation on the other hand has always left me feeling a little undecided. I loved the look it gave, however I hated the fact that it separated like a demon. I could have shaken the bottle til kingdom come, and sometimes separation would still occur. It was like an unreliable boyfriend, always leaving me wanting more, but also feeling like there was so much more potential there…

So Illamasqua were also obviously aware of this problem, and they decided to reformulate the product. I’ve had this for a good couple of months now, and I have been using it regularly.

So as well as a reformulation, the colours in the range have also been reviewed, and this now comes in various shades, with neutral, pink and golden undertones. This is no bad thing – some of the older shades had a slight grey tinge to them, and in my opinion the new shades are a little bit easier to choose from. The online swatches are very good too, obviously I would always recommend going to a counter for a foundation match if you can, but the website has images of people wearing the foundation so you can select the skintone most similar to yours.

I was sent the shade 135, which is designed for light skin with golden undertones.

As you can see, the design of the bottle has not changed. Its handy to be able to see the colour through the bottle as well, especially if you are using these in a makeup kit, and need to mix shades. Product is dispensed through a nozzle, so it’s hygienic too.

The shade range itself seems pretty comprehensive to me – darker shades are covered as well as lighter shades, which is always good to see – there are not many ranges that do this. The shade I was sent for reviewing suits my skintone very well, but I’m pretty sure that there are a couple of others in the range too that I could use to good effect – I’d describe my skintone as neutral but the golden tone in 135 works well on me, and I’d expect 133 (light neutral), or even 140 (medium golden) to work on my skin if I was tanned.

The real acid test though, is whether the old separation issue has been resolved…

I’m pleased to say – and offer the photographic evidence above, that it has! The foundation looks the same now as it did on the day it arrived, there has been no change in consistency, and I haven’t had to shake it up for hours on end before I use it. In fact I don’t have to shake it full stop.
The foundation offers a fairly light coverage – its great if you have fairly decent skin that just needs a little bit of evening out, although I do use this when I have breakouts, and just supplement with concealer – I don’t really like the feel of a full coverage on my skin when I have blemishes – I sometimes just feel like heavy foundations look fine on but feel like they are clogging my skin up even more when it is already upset… does that make sense to anyone else apart from me?
So how does this look on the skin? I think as with most foundations, this will vary according to your skin type – on oilier skins, this will look dewier, and on drier skins it will look more satin or matte.  I personally have dry-combination skin at the moment (it seems to change at different times of year!), and this gives a satin effect on my skin, ie neither matte nor dewy, but very natural looking…
Above – skin before. I’ve even bravely showed a little blemish here too so you can see how much blemish coverage this offers…
Above – the skin after application.
For some reason, my skin looks a different colour in the t
wo pictures. I think the light might have changed in between taking the first and second pics, because the foundation did not change the colour of my skin! Crazy ass camera – nothing to do with my skills, or lack of on the photography front I’m sure *looks embarassed*.
The important thing to look at though, is the coverage and look of the foundation – its a foundation you can still “see the skin” through, so looks very natural, but it also does a good job of unifying the skintone.  As I have already mentioned, It has given me a satin finish.
This foundation lasts well on my skin too – I do set with powder in the centre of the face, as I do with all foundations, and this lasts throughout the working day for me. This has actually become a foundation I reach for pretty regularly, for everyday use – I don’t like to look too heavily made up for work, but there are days when my skin looks dog rough, and this gives me a bit of pep, without looking like I have a full face of makeup on… But basically if you are looking for a full coverage look, this may not be for you!
Because the foundation is SPF free, it photographs well, but obviously you’d need to apply your SPF separately to protect the skin from the sun…
Verdict – great if you don’t need a lot of coverage, evens out the skin tone and offers light coverage. May work better for less oily skin types.
Disclaimer – this product was sent by Illamasqua for review purposes. I am not paid for my review, and neither am I obliged to say positive or negative things about products sent to me for this purpose. My reviews are always honest, and based on my own experiences with a product. Please consider your own needs and skin type before purchasing. As always I would always encourage you to read as many reviews of this product on other sites as possible.
New From Illamasqua – Precision Inks.


New From Illamasqua – Precision Inks.

No Comments 25 August 2010

The promo images released so far for the up and coming “Art of Darkness” A/W 2010 collection from Illamasqua look fab. The range includes two new liquid liner pens – the Precision Inks. They are available now on the Illamasqua Website, retailing at £16.50, and come in two shades  – Abyss, which is a classic black, and Alchemy, a gold shade.

I was kindly sent a Precision Ink in the shade Abyss to review.

The liner is packaged in the standard style Illamasqua black and white packaging, and has a screw on lid with a long handle – the long handle is a real plus point for me, as I find liquid liner to be the most tricky to apply – the handle helps stabilise the product making application that little bit easier and also making the product easier to control…

The actual applicator is a spongy tip, with a fine end, which I find a lot easier than a brush applicator…

As you can see in the picture above, the liner is quite “wet” looking. I did have a little gulp moment at this point, as I have (and always have had) quite liney/crepey looking skin on my eye lids. It’s almost like there is too much skin there. I blame my father, he has the same type of lids. Yes, I have checked… and I realise how much that says about my depth of character. And I’m not ashamed.

Anyway, the point is, often liquid liners don’t really work for me, as the liquid can “seep” into all of the fine lines and look very feathery on me, a far cry from a nice sharp line which is the look you really want from your liner… So it was with some trepidation that I swatched…

The picture above shows a swatch on the back of the hand – I literally swatched, and then switched on my camera, and took the picture. In the time it took to do that (about 10-20 seconds?), you can see the liner is almost dried, and also, joy of joy’s… NO FEATHERING!

So I put on my steadiest hands, and had a play…

I’m impressed with this product – yes, my application technique ain’t perfect, but like I said, many other liquid liners have passed through my hands, been applied once and then never used again, because of the feathering problem – this is one of the first I have encountered that hasn’t had that issue. To me, that alone, makes this product worth its price tag.

Also, when Illamasqua describe this as long lasting, they ain’t kidding. That swatch I applied to my hand stayed put despite washing the dishes and washing my hands several times after serving cat “food” to Coco and Ren. You need an oil based remover to get this baby off.

I’ll be buying the gold version ASAP (That’ll be tomorrow then – its payday, another reason for a happy dance!) – I love unusual colours, and the idea of a nice gold line with a coloured smoky eye really appeals to me.

ELEMENTALS – The Winners!


ELEMENTALS – The Winners!

No Comments 26 July 2010

Winners have now been chosen – Thanks again to all at Illamasqua and especially to Alex Box, for making the difficult choice about the winner and runner up!

So without further ado…

The Winner is…

Claudia Pelagatti, with her ice inspired look…

Alex chose this look as the winner “because of her interesting interpretation and formation,using gyeometric shapes whilst still keeping soft and beautiful”.

A massive well done to Claudia, who wins an illumine oil and a liquid metals palette, containing all four liquid metals from the range…

Claudia has also asked that the link to her video for this look is included in the post – you can find her vid and channel HERE.
And the Runner up is….
Lillian Low with her Air Inspired Look…
Alex chose Lillians look as a runner up “for her Witty and innovative twist ,her small changes like the flick of eyeliner in reverse ,shows talent in interpretation and vision”.
Lillian wins a full size bronzer in Burnish and a nail varnish in the shade Prism.
(I will also be sending both Claudia and Lillian a little surprise which I will be providing myself… I’ll be picking a couple of my favourite products from the range and sending them to you both, as an extra bonus, and a way of saying a big thank you for being so patient, and bearing with me while I moved house etc. I also like to show a little appreciation of all the hard work and creativity that you both put in with your entries).
So Claudia and Lillian – please email me your full names and addresses ASAP – My email is jennifer.worthington1979@gmail.com so that I can get your gifts sent off as soon as humanly possible! (Be aware that Alex, who helps with sending the prizes out goes to Australia in a couple of days, so get the info to me FAST!)
Fancy Swapping Some Makeup? The Illamasqua Makeup Amnesty


Fancy Swapping Some Makeup? The Illamasqua Makeup Amnesty

No Comments 13 July 2010

Illamasqua have a great offer coming soon to a counter near you!

Basically they are running a makeup amnesty – take in any old tatty worn out, or just plain “wrong shade for me” item of makeup, and you’ll be able to get 25% off any item from their range. 

You can use any item from any line, in any condition, and swap item for item – so if you take in an old Rimmel lippie from back in the day. you can swap it for anything from the Illamasqua range, and get it for 25% less than the normal retail price. 

Take two items and get 25% off two items from Illamasqua, etc. Its really that simple. 

So if you’ve wanted to try anything from the range, and have been meaning to have a clearout for a while, or you just want to get rid of all those “wrong” foundations lurking in the back of your collection, this could be the perfect time!

The event runs at ALL UK and Ireland Illamasqua counters from the 17th – 31st July… What will you be getting rid of?! I have quite a few foundations to “dispose of”, and its not like I have enough Illamasqua eye shadows or blushers really is it!


Illamasqua Brushes on Offer!


Illamasqua Brushes on Offer!

No Comments 10 May 2010

Illamasqua’s brushes are great – my particular faves are the powder brush, foundation brush, eyebrow brush and highlighter brushes…

  • The powder brush is fab for sweeping powder over the face, but also dense enough to use to apply powder in rolling motions to the face to get a really flawless night time look
  • The foundation brush has tapered fibres, making blending easy, and its also great for applying cream blushers. 
  • The eyebrow brush is a great multi-purpose brush, ideal for brows, bold liner and even for creating a really defined lip shape.
  • The highlighter brush reminds me a lot of the MAC 109, but is slightly slimmer and longer. I use this for buffing in cream products such as highlighter, foundation, cream blush etc into the skin. I also use it for applying contour powder, and if I only want to powder the t-zone, this is great for that too…

There are a couple of new brushes in the range too – the body kabuki, and the angled eye liner brush. 

The whole range is synthetic and cruelty-free, so well worth a look. I was very surprised when I was told they were synthetic – they are so amazingly soft! 

Every brush has 15% off from now until Friday 21st May 4pm GMT online.

Illamasqua Contest – ELEMENTALS


Illamasqua Contest – ELEMENTALS

No Comments 03 May 2010

Its time for another contest brought to you by myself and Illamasqua, inspired by the new Body Electrics Collection.

It seems like FOREVER since the last contest, so hopefully you are all feeling inspired and creative again – I can’t WAIT to see the looks you talented lot come up with!

Prizes will all be from the new collection and there will be a first and second prize…

First Prize will be an illumine oil (shade to be confirmed) and a liquid metal palette containing all four liquid metals

Second Prize will be a full size bronzer in the shade Burnish and a nail varnish in the shade Prism

As always this is also a great chance to have your work seen by Illamasqua’s creative director Alex Box, and finalists and winners will also recieve coverage on the Illamaqua blog and website!

Inspired by the Body Electrics collection, the theme of the contest is (drumroll please….)

The aim of the contest is to come up with a look inspired by one or more of the four elements – Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.
(Picture sourced HERE)
As always with these contests, the aim is to get your creative juices flowing – entries will be judged on creativity as well as skill, so don’t be put off if you have never entered before and are intimidated – My aim with the contests is always for them to be fun, not intimidating, and often past winners have been the “underdogs” so give it a whirl!

Be as creative as you can and most of all HAVE FUN!

Your look can be based on one of the elements, or you can bring in two, three or all four. As long as the look is of your own creation, and is based on the elements, it will be counted. Think creatively too – for example a look inspired by the Water element could be inspired by ice…

The contest will run for a month – closing date will be 31st May 2010 at midnight GMT. 

The Rules;
Contest entries are to be in the form of (non-photoshopped) photo entries – these may be in the form of a blog post, or you can email me them to me directly. You can find my email address on the right…. If you are a YouTuber you can of course do a video of your entry, but YOU MUST also email me stills of the entry for judging purposes for your entry to count.

If you decide to do your entry via a blog post, then let me know by posting a comment with a link below, and feel free to acknowledged by a reply email – again, feel free to harass me until I respond! If your entry takes the form of a video etc, please make sure you email me stills and that I acknowledge your entry. Feel free to hassle me until I do!

You MUST be a subscriber or follower of the blog to enter (given the amunt of time and work I spend on running the contests, I feel this is a reasonable request!)
Your entry MUST BE AN ORIGINAL LOOK OF YOUR OWN CREATION – any looks which are copies/recreations of existing looks will be disqualified.
Use any products or any media you like to create your look, products do not have to be from any particular brand.

If you are too shy to be photographed yourself then you may use a willing volunteer – please get their permission to have their photos published online if your look is a finalist. Just ensure the look is of your own creation.

The contest closes at Midnight GMT, 31st May 2010. This is the final deadline.

Finalists will be announced as soon as possible after the deadline. As always finalists will be chosen by myself and Krystal, who has kindly agreed to help continue judging the contests despite no longer working for Illamasqua. 

Finalists will then be judged by Alex Box, creative Director of Illamasqua, and international makeup artist. 

All decisions re finalists and winners will be final.

The contest is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY, and you can enter AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WISH TO – All entries will be judged on individual merit.


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