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#InspireMyDay with Alpro

2 Comments 11 August 2013

As mentioned in a recent post, I’ve been asked to be an Alpro ambassador and to share a few of the things that inspire me in little ways every day for their #inspiremyday campaign. You can see more by following the hashtag on twitter, instagram, and by reading about what inspires other bloggers.

So without further ado…

The Deep and Meaningful Things…

This time a year ago, I think I would have struggled to come up with a single inspiring thing. A year on and I am in a much better place mentally, emotionally and heck, even physically. I’ve still got a way to go on the physical side, but I am (cheese alert) “in a good place” at the moment, which is making finding inspiration easy.

The Power of Positive Thought – One of the biggest things I have learnt over the last years about myself is that if I give into thinking negatively, all it achieves is making me feel bad. If I go into a situation which makes me feel anxious, and I start expecting the worse, I feel defensive and that means a positive outcome for anyone, least of all me is very unlikely. Even if the outcome doesn’t change by trying to think more positively, at least I don’t feel so anxious and scared all the time. I admit this sounds a lot more simple than it really is – changing the way you think takes time, and I admit that there are times I struggle with thinking less negatively, but I keep on trying, and I’m hoping it will become my new automatic thought pattern in time…

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Random Acts of Kindness – I quite often used to spend a lot of time getting outraged at the injustices in the world. Government propaganda, the war on people who live on benefits, world poverty, sexism, animal cruelty… It’s quite easy to be left feeling frustrated and powerless about everything, but I once heard it said that you can only change the world in small steps, by one act of kindness at a time. It may not be earth shattering, but its a nice way to make yourself and other people feel good.

Inspiring Reads – I love to read, and wish I had more time to work through the books I keep amassing! One of my favourite inspiring reads is Cloud Atlas, which I have reviewed previously, so won’t witter on about too much today. The Book Thief is also a surprisingly life affirming beautiful book, despite being set in WWII Germany and being narrated by death.

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I also often read classics again and again – Jane Eyre is a particular favourite of mine, as it was one of the first classics I ever waded through at a fairly young age, so has a special place in my heart. Books written with a childhood slant also appeal to me – John Connolly’s Book of Lost Things is a beautifully written gory twist on childhood fairy tales, with a lot of heart, and Neil Gaiman’s writings for children such as Coraline or The Graveyard book are just fantastic – he has recently released The Ocean at the End of the Lane, which is aimed at adults, and is on my to be read list in a major way…

My Body is a Temple?

So sometimes my body is less a temple than a disused warehouse, but I’m definitely trying, and noticing the benefits of eating in a healthier way. I’ve been a veggie for a long time, and recently made the switch to veganism. That means I spend much of my weekly food budget these days in the fruit and veg aisle of my supermarket – if I had the time, I’d get to my local market every week, but sadly, that’s not always possible for me. At times I have noticed that eating lots of fruit and veg can actually be pretty expensive . One way to keep costs down is to take a leaf out of Mother Nature’s book and eat fruit and veg that is in season – for a guide to when to buy fruit and veg at their best, and their cheapest, check out the Eat Seasonally and Eat the Seasons websites.

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 Outdoor eating at this time of year is one of the best parts of summer… Picnics, barbeques. Any excuse to get out, get together and eat good food is great by me…

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Finger food and dips are great for this sort of get together, and as a vegan, given that I don’t do the whole “burgers and sausages on the BBQ” thing, I’m all about dips, hummus being one of my absolute favourites. Shop bought hummus is convenient, but can be a bit calorific, and I sometimes make my own lower fat version by blending together a can of chickpeas, a splash of water, and a dollop of Alpro natural soya yogurt. Season with plenty of salt and pepper and add a pinch of cayenne, smoked paprika, chilli powder or whatever takes your fancy…

6 name

For a sweeter treat or snack, I’m a long time fan of Alpro’s deserts, which are long life, and can be stored in the cupboard until you’re ready for them, but are best eaten chilled. I love their dark chocolate one, but if that’s not your thing, they are also available in milk chocolate, caramel and vanilla (which is basically vegan custard!). To try and make this a little bit healthier, as well as packing more fruit into my diet, I love dipping chopped apples, strawberries and bananas into them…

PicMonkey Collage 5 named

Of course, staying healthy isn’t just about what you eat, it’s also about what you drink, and staying hydrated in the summer is super important. Water is the easiest way, but can get a bit dull after a while… Smoothies are delicious, and another way to pack more fruit in. My favourite smoothies invariably involve frozen bananas blended with berries and a splash of Alpro Almond or Soya milk…

7 name

But What About my Actual Temple?

I’d never describe myself as the most houseproud of people, but I do like to try to keep my space as clean and tidy as I possibly can – I used to employ an army of cleaning products, but then found out about DIY cleaning products from the fabulous A Thrifty Mrs website – there are lots of ideas for making your own cleaning products which work amazingly, and are free of toxins. My mainstay is a solution of white vinegar and water with essential oils to add a nice niff – I use this to clean my kitchen, bathroom, windows, and even as an air freshener. I also love using good old bicarb of soda to freshen fabrics – go to her website for full details because I don’t want to take any credit from her…

8 name

The Shallow Things…

Life is all about balance, and some fun stuff is always good to have in life… One of the things I love about Summer is being able to wear sandals. Of course, a bit of work needs to be put in to get feet sandal ready, but once this is done, oh man, get me my havaianas, birkies and New Look Sandals… My feet are free for a few months!

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Summer is also a time we’re all meant to break out bright makeup – all well and good, but sometimes I find it a little bit hard to wear. One of my favourite ways to add pops of bright colour which doesn’t make me feel too clown-ish is by using bright summery nail polish.

10 name

For budget brands you can’t beat Barry M’s Gelly polishes, and Bourjois’ 1 second gel polishes. Mid priced ranges with great summery colours include Essie and Orly, and for high end, Illamasqua can’t be beaten for quality and unusual colours.

A spritz of fresh scent during the hotter months is also never a bad thing. For a daily fresh smell, I love The Body Shop’s range of body spritzes – I currently have their pink grapefruit which is running low, and I’ll be adding their coconut and mango ones to my dressing table. Nina Ricci’s Nina L’eau, Clarins Eau Dysamiante, and Lemon by Mary Greenwell are my favourite perfumes this summer…

11 name

 So those are my top ways to have a little bit of inspiration every day… What are yours? Please let me know in the comments or on twitter!

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2 Comments so far

  1. Great post, Jen! Very interesting and inspiring.
    I am struggling with my diet, now suffering from reactive hypoglycemia on top of IBS, making choices that are healthy, tasty AND compatible with those syndroms can be quite a dilemma.
    On the book front, I’ve read 90% of Cloud Atlas since we discussed it. Most of my reading time goes to work related books which is why it took me so long but I am enjoying it :) If you have not yet read the latest Kate Atkinson’s novel, Life after LIfe, you should! It’s awesome!

    • Jen (Mizz Worthy) says:

      Hi Mariella, Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the post – I worked hard on it! LOL.
      Sorry to hear about your diet issues – I really hope you find a way to deal with them soon.
      I’m glad you’re enjoying Cloud Atlas – I’m about half way through Life After Life, and really enjoying it!
      Jen xxx

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