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1 Comment 17 February 2013

Beauty boxes seem to be old news now – it seems like every month new ones start up and others fold up/rebrand/get bought by other beauty box companies. I can hardly keep up! Until now though many of the boxes I’ve seen seem to be based on the same principle of ¬†luxury sized samples, with a full sized bonus thrown in every now and then.

So it’s nice to see something a bit different – Latest in Beauty have a differently themed box each time, and you decide if you want the box after the company decide on the contents. That means that the onus is firmly on them to make sure that their boxes are good value for money, as well as filled with interesting products.

Their newest box is the “Beauty From Within” box – this is based on the concept that looking good doesn’t just result from what we use on the outside of our bodies, but also from what we eat and how we take care of ourselves nutritionally.

The box it comes with isn’t necessarily the fanciest of packaging – but if like me, you don’t like to have loads of boxes hanging around cluttering the place up, you won’t mind.



It was nice to see a good balance of brands in the box ranging from ones I have heard of and use regularly (Teapigs, and Lizzi’s) to more unusual supplements.

In the box you get;

Lizzi’s Granola – Sample pack. I’ve picked this granola up several times, and although I like to make my own now, this is a pretty good shop bought version – not too sugary and suitable for veggies and vegans.


Sun Chlorella – 15 tablet sample pack – suggested dose 5-15/day. These contain a high level of nutrients such as amino acids, protein, minerals and chlorophyll. They are expensive to buy in large quantities, but I’m interested to see if they do make any difference.


Teapigs Peppermint Infusion – I actually have a big pack of these in the cupboard and drink them regularly. They make the loveliest peppermint tea I’ve ever trier – they literally make you feel like you hyave fresh breath after drinking a cup, and do wonders for stomach ache and also period pains.


Acai Berry Capsules – A natural antioxidant – unfortunately these contain gelatin and so aren’t suitable for veggies/vegans, so I won’t be able to give these a try.


Collagen Gold Shot – Again, unfortunately off the menu for me, as it contains fish so isn’t suitable for veggies, but this is supposed to be a bit of a miracle for skin which perfects it from the inside by boosting collagen levels (I follow Daniel Sandler on twitter, and he has mentioned his love of these)


Femergy Daily Food Supplement – These fortunately for me, are veggie and vegan, and you get a months supply (60 tablets, of which you take two per day). These contain ginseng, maca and ginko biloba, and are supposedly formulated to combat fatigue and maintain mental clarity. I’m definitely going to give these ago, as I do suffer from “brain fog” at certain times of the day at work, but unfortunately the responsibilities and pressures of my job don’t take a break, so anything that can help me stay focused will be great.


The box is available now HERE for £8 plus P&P.

What do you think about this box? Have you tried any of these products yourself?

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1 comment

  1. Jessica says:

    I would like to try the femergy supplements. Anything that could stop me feeling like a slug after mid day would be much welcomed! I know that Daniel Sandler drinks collagen shots, which is a very concentrated collagen and hyaluronic drink that contains no fish. I am pretty sure it is ok for veggies & vegans. Maybe worth a look? x

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