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2 Comments 22 December 2012

This is a product I was sent for review a couple of months ago, and I’ve been using it daily ever since – without realising, it’s become a product I use and love every day, and I miss it when I can’t get to it, for example if I’m away from home.

night serum 2 WMK


When I was contacted to see if I was interested in trying this, the selling point of providing the appearance of eight hours sleep was really what got my attention – a combination of shift work and bouts of disturbed sleep means that often my skin looks blotchy, tired and dehydrated – when it get especially dehydrated I do notice that very fine lines appear over my cheeks which depress me greatly.

Product claims;

“Reduces signs of skin fatigue and premature ageing by attacking the glycotoxins that build up when you don’t get enough sleep.” (Between you and me I had no idea what Glycotoxins were – a quick google search revealed that they are the end product of breakdown of certain foods which cause accelerated aging)
The serum contains Persian Silk Tree extract, Cactus Flower extract and Retinol to prepare the skin for its night time reparations and to promote youthful radiance.
“Readies the skin for moisturiser and revives tired skin, ensuring you wake up with the natural glow of eight hours’ sleep – regardless of how little you’ve had.”

So lets start from the outside – the packaging of this is really lovely – it comes in an airtight pump dispenser which is always one of my prefered modes of packaging – hygienic  airtight and light-tight. One pump provides just the right amount for one application – I was initially a little heavy handed with it, but quickly realised this was just a waste of what is a fairly high end product ( it retails at £45 for 30mls).

night serum 3 WMK


I was actually surprised by the appearance of this in terms of the product itself when I first used it too – serums I’ve used before have usually been gel like or liquid textures – this has more of a cream texture, and initially I expected this to feel heavy, but it isn’t it melts in to my skin and sinks in quickly.

night serum 4 corners


For the first couple of weeks of using this, I have to say, I didn’t really feel like it was doing anything much – it was pleasant to use, has a nice relaxing scent (lavender and patchouli-ish) which is lovely for night time use, but didn’t seem to be making any noticeable difference to my skin. However in about the third week of using it, I started to fall a little bit in love with it.

Those fine little dehydration lines were starting to disappear, and my skin was starting to look a lot more glowy – not in a greasy way, rather in a healthy looking smooth and content skin way.

I’ve been using this at night and topping it with my Organic Surge Intensive moisuriser – which I’ve reviewed HERE, and this seems to be a great combination for my dry/dehydrated skin.

Of course, you definitely need to take you’re own skin type into account – mine is dry and dehydrated, and although this serum is very light and sinks in well, it does provide a decent shot of moisture, so I’m not sure how well very oily skin types would get on with it.  Likewise, I can’t comment on whether this would be rich enough for very dry skin types. I’d say for normal to combination to slightly dry types will like this though.

I’ve personally been so impressed with this, that I am aiming to pick up the eye cream from the “No Wrinkles” range to see if this can perform similar miracles to the night serum.

Repurchase? Yes. For me this worked a treat, but be aware that this is a slow-burner and not an instant miracle cream.

Cruelty Free? This Works state on their website that their products are not tested on animals, however I am unable to find any information regarding the testing of their ingredients, or whether they pay for third party testing, and the line is not listed in the BUAV or PETA cruelty free lists.

Disclaimer – This product was sent to me for review purposes. 

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