Diptyque Roses

2 Comments 18 December 2012

My lovely boyfriend bought this for me for Valentine’s day, and I’ve been saving it to use ever since. Hopes were high for this as a lot of people really seem to rave about Diptyque being the best candles out there – they certainly have a price tag which demands good results at £38 for a 190g candle…


To be honest though, I do actually feel a little bit mixed about this candle. On the plus side it has a good burn time of around 60 hours (about 60p per hour burning…). I also thing that scent wise this is a really great candle – it smells of real rose, not a hint of synthetic scent at all, which for me, is really the only way rose products should be. It also looks the part – the Diptyque packaging in simple but chic.

However, there are definitely a few negatives with it too. The packaging claims that as long as the wick is trimmed short prior to each burn, the candle will burn evenly and cleanly. Sadly in my case neither of these claims proved true. Before burning my candle I have been religious about trimming down the wick, however after a week or so of use, I was sad to see a nasty patch of soot developing on the rim of the glass.

soot WMK

I’ve also been disappointed to find that the candle has really not burned down evenly. I know this is a little odd, but this is totally a pet hate of mine. I always end up waiting for it to cool down and then prodding the uneven bits down in a bid to make it look “right” again – am I the only one who does this? I always find though that this doesn’t really help, just makes an expensive candle look cheap.

Apparently the reasons for the uneven burn and the soot are one and the same – the wax in the candle is paraffin based, rather than the more eco friendly and evenly burning soy wax.

Frankly I do feel a little bit disappointed with this candle – especially when brands like NEOM are producing such high quality soy based candles for  around the same price. I think I had super-high expectations (which are probably justified given how much they cost), which the candle failed to live up to. If you are looking for a well scented candle and things like soot don’t really bother you, then these might be right up your street, because, as I say, fragrance wise these don’t disappoint. For me though this candle failed to live up to my expectations.

Disclaimer – This was a gift.

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  1. Louise says:

    Oh I hateee that black soot, it looks horrible and makes such a mess! I only expect that from cheap candles, I’d be very annoyed if a £38 candle did that! xx

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