6 Days Til 2010 – Look Back at JULY.

1 Comment 26 December 2009

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July was still a hot month… but I stopped moaning about it, and got on with it!
I also;

I’m loving looking back over the year – I can’t believe how much makeup and skincare I have tested and loved. Some people might say thats a waste of time, but I wouldn’t swap it! I love makeup. I love skincare. I don’t know what it is, but I get a buzz out of trying things out, discovering new ways to wear things, and so I wouldn’t swap a second of it. Most importantly, I also love telling my lovely readers (I truly do appreciate every single one of you) about my finds, successes and failures…
Thank You!!!

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1 comment

  1. Hiya, well, I don't wear heavy make up, like foundation for instance, but, I always have issues with my skin when the weather is really hot (like now for example, as I am from Brazil :o).So, let's not feel that guilty, after all, make up always cheers us up :)

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