Seriously Plucking Expensive….

11 Comments 20 November 2009

Liberty have launched a special set of Tweezermans especially for Christmas, encrusted with Swarovski Crystals…. These little beauties will make your eyes water in more ways than one though, as they will set you back £75…. 

These are available at www.liberty.co.uk/xmas for those of you luck enough to be able to afford these…

Now, like most beauty junkies, I swear by my Tweezermans for tidy-ups between threading sessions,or during leaner times I’m quite capable of keeping things controlled with them… but I think for £75 I’d expect these to make my bed, cook dinner and bring me a cup of coffee in the morning too lol… 

This did get me thinking though, we all have our weaknesses where it comes to beauty – I will happily spend a small fortune on ecent skincare or a new foundation without a second though for example…. 

What are your weaknesses when it comes to beauty?

By the way, if Mr MizzWorthy is reading this, I will NOT be unhappy if these fall into my stocking on the 25th on December…

MizzWorthy xxx

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11 Comments so far

  1. VexInTheCity says:

    I'm still laughing at the cost. I'd love to know what the sales figures are, after Christmas.I'm happy to spend the money on an item if I like it. Sure I'll momentarily recoil in horror at the price if it's what I deem "expensive" for the product in question, but I'll still buy it if I want it badly enough.

  2. I'd never spend that much on tweezers, ever! Unless I win the Euro Millions tonight, then it'll be Liberty Tweezermans all round on me girls ;)They don't look very comfortable to hold either, a good plucking session would leave you with imprints on your fingers.I've just ordered MAC's Smoke and Mirrors palette, which is the most I've spent on a single make up item before, keep telling myself it doesn't count as I am getting six eyeshadows. I also keep alternating between pure excitement and sheer horror, LOL. Although the guilty conscience is more because it's coming up to Christmas and I still have toys to buy for my two children. Nevermind the fact that there are two monthly wages due in before then, I just worry too much 😉

  3. mizzworthy says:

    @VexInTheCity – I know! Soooo expensive! I agree though – its all about the "how badly ytou want it factor" isn't it? If I want something enough, I'll happily eat beans on toast for a few days lol…@SmallTownGal – Keeping my fingers crossed for the lottery then lol!I know what you mean about them looking uncomfortable though – diamonte dented fingers? Never a good look! xx

  4. BeautyMarked says:

    i've got to say, my beauty weakness is mascara, i could quite easily go and by one or two YSL faux cils mascara, when i can get the same effect from a drug store brand, the packaging, the scent, the effect. i love it all!! but £75.00 on tweezers?! i'd rather go and buy 6 MAC eyeshadows with change to spare!! xxx

  5. Tali says:

    HOW MUCH!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?! jeeeesus!

  6. Sakara says:

    lol….the diy-er in me would pop to local craft store, buy a load of crystals and some jeweller's glue and make my own!

  7. *Rosie* says:

    Wow, so expensive! I don't mind paying more for an increase in quality ie- skincare, but these will be the same as normal tweezermans- I say save the money as they already have super cute hot pink and leopard regular pairs that cost so much less! x

  8. MARYJANE says:

    as beautiful as they are… could you imagine the horror if you managed to lose them 😐 😐 :|.'luxury bathing' is my thing. I can walk into boots with the intention of buying a new mascara, and come out with £30+ worth of soap and glory, etc.

  9. Ooooh no no no no! I could buy so many beautiful lipsticks with that. Pfft.Pretty though they are… tweezing is not something I relish doing, so I certainly don't wanna spend that much money on it!

  10. oh dear lord! believe me I can splash out on a lot of things beauty wise but that's a little too much for tweezers! lolMy beauty obsession has to be brushes, I'm obsessed with them, i buy new ones all the time, I no longer have room left in my various brush rolls and brush belts! lol. xx

  11. tina_mbc says:

    Wow, those are some expensive tweezers!I 'm not a tweezer person myself, but I am a NARS and YSL one, so I would probably spend quite a lot for some super special LE items from these brands…!Hope you get this for Christmas! ;)xoxo

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