Selfridges "Night of Nationals" Beauty event.

13 Comments 04 October 2009

Selfridges throws these beauty events every two-three months, and they are well worth attending. Basically, you pay £10 for a ticket – this gets you a wristband entitling you to free drinks (alcoholic and non- alcoholic), a £10 voucher redeemable against ANY product from any range, and a goody bag at the end. As you enter the event, you’ll also be handed a list of the companies and what offers they have – often VERY good GWP’s to be had.

The goody bags can be a bit hit and miss – more often than not you’ll get a load of perfume testers, sometimes you might get a lipgloss or something – My mum got an especially good one last time, containing a mini Dior shadow quint. Sadly this time, my goody bag was filled with perfume samples, which I’ll undoubtedly sniff once then forget about… Oh well!

The theme for this night was Hollywood Glitz and Glam – a prize was given for the best dressed attendee apparently… unfortunately for me I was attending after a last minute swap to a late shift to accommodate a work colleague with a childcare issue. This meant that my plan to go home after my early shift and try to make myself look vaguely human fell by the wayside, and I ended up looking distinctly “thrown together” as indeed I was… It was clear that some of the attendees had gone to a lot of trouble,including fellow blogger Amy who was wearing an AMAZING vintage purple jacket (I believe she said it was a Rocha? I am a fashion imbecile though, so I might be wrong – Amy please feel free to correct me!), and had clearly made an effort with her makeup (she looked stunning). Unlike me, who slapped on a bit of foundation, blusher and mascara in the work loos…

I saved Illamasqua hauling til Saturday, as I knew I was attending the Masterclass event, but I did pick up some other stuff – onto the goods!

First up, I hit the RMK counter with gusto – I believe the offer was buy two items and get a lipgloss free, but I arrived late due to shift swapping, and so there was basically a big box of products that you could choose what you wanted from… I picked up three eye shadows and chose a free coloured mascara…

l-Jelly eye colour (cream shadow) in shade JE-01, Silver Gold Beige,
m – Powder shadow in shade SH-01, Shiny Brown Gold,
r-Cream shadow in JE-07 Chocolate.
Far Right, Mascara in “Deep Red”

Next up, I had a browse at the Laura Mercier – again, they had a GWP which enticed me as I have only ever used the tinted moisturiser from the range, which I really like (this and the Korres are my two favourite ones…). Regular readers may have realised that I have a bit of a thing for foundation, and I have noticed my skin becoming dryer as the weather grows colder, so I asked about their foundations… Now it must either be testament to the sales skills of the LM MUA, or a sign that I am an idiot, because I still bought a foundation after being advised/ insulted by her when she told me that my foundation was making me look “very dry”…
Hmm… I have a scary feeling it must be the latter. I also picked up some foundation sponges (the evangelical MUA was praising the high level of pigmentation in the foundation and preached about the “press and roll” method – she also advised that these can be used and re-used as they are machine washable… we’ll see!).

I have a feeling Laura Mercier may be second only to Bobbi Brown in the whole “our way is the only way to wear makeup” school of thought… The MUA also appeared to have taken advantage of the free pink fizzy wine as she clutched my hand in an earnest way and pressed the phone number of the counter on me to book in for a complimentary makeup lesson – “We’ll show you how to do your makeup properly!” (Thanks luv- I thought I didn’t realise I looked that bad actually!)

Anyway, I picked up their moisturising foundation, an undereye concealer and the sponges, and I got a free eyeshadow in the shade “Cognac” a lovely rich red toned brown…

I also went to the YSL counter where the lure of the lipsticks proved too much – I already have a couple of the Rouge Voluptes and couldn’t resist another one in the shade 26 (Peche Tendresse). I LOVE the formula of these lipstick and this one doesn’t disappoint – yes they need a lot of reapplication and are not the most hard-wearing formula, but I really don’t care lol – applying these is like a little treat each time.

I also picked up a Rouge Pure Shine (a formula I have never tried before) in shade 11 (Diamont Rose), a pretty pink nude shade with a silver shimmer. LOVE the packaging on these by the way! With my two purchases I recieved a GWP – I had a choice of two, and decided on this rather 80’s style velvet clutch…

Inside the clutch is a little palette containing two eyeshadows, a high-lighter, lipstick and lip-gloss…
Finally, after reading Natalia rave about the La Prairie foundation (which costs a jaw dropping £114) in this fab post I called in at the counter and asked for some samples, which they kindly gave me… I can’t wait to try this – in a way I’m hoping it doesn’t work for me, as I know I will end up buying it if it’s good lol!

Have you tried any of the stuff I have picked up? How did you find it?
MizzWorthy xxx

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  1. Grace London says:

    I think that trying to make you feel bad/insecure about your existing makeup is the single WORST sales technique ever. It immediately turns me off a brand. I hate to say this, but that La Prairie is lovely. I had a sample a couple of years ago, and I couldn't use it everyday (clogged pores) but the finish was amazing. That was before RMK/Suqqu came to these shores though, and I think I prefer their foundations. Very nice buys!

  2. Music says:

    The YSL clutch is gorgeous! I've only tried La Prairie cleansing water (wasn't their best product), so can't comment about the foundation. I tend to walk away when SA said bad things about my makeup. I'm not giving business to people who insult me!

  3. Gabriela says:

    You are right BB and LM staff are buuuuuuuuuuuuu, not all of them, but most of them. I tought was just me…But the products are sooooooooo gooooooood.Thanks for online shop, that by the way, forget samples… that is always nice when you buy from a brand, but…Anyway may fav foundation now is BB stick foundation, perfect for my skin and the perfect color, is so perfect I need less now, if that makes sense.Love your haul, so many pretty things, can't wait to see the rest of it :)

  4. Luce says:

    I have that La Prairie foundation – man it's increased in price though, it was "only" £65 when I got mine, and it is indeed proper gorgeous, very soft and silky and the built in concealer is very nice too. Must dig it out, it's a very good winter cover-up.I have the one they do in a brush-pen thing too, which is also very very good.

  5. UnicornSmile says:

    I did NOT know RMK did that shade of mascara… I NEEEEED it. It looks amazing. Great choices, I love to read these posts :)).Oh and btw, the Laura Mercier people must be forced to push makeup lessons on their customers. I explained to the sales person that even though makeup is not strictly my profession, I have worked in the industry and don't really need lessons since I have attended countless classes, and she said "It doesn't matter, you should have a lesson anyway". Right…LOL

  6. mizzworthy says:

    @GraceLondon – I agree to be honest, but I felt like the colour matcxhed me really well, and also I really was impressed with under eye concealer – I'll have to give them both more of a try, but totally AWFUL sales technique – hence I can conclude I must be a fool for buying stuff after the insult lol xxx@Music – I possibly should have walked – I probably would have had there been no GWP lol xxx@Gabriela – Thanks for reading! I like the MAC stick foundation too, but it doesn't last very long!@Luce – Oooh, its not looking good for my bank balance lol!@Unicorn Smile – Funnily enough, I was thinking of your recent coloured mascara post when I picked that! It was all alone in the box of tricks and appealed to me far more than anything else (a few naff nail varnishes and end of line stuff…) I'm not sure whether its a permanent product or not – you should check out the new Estee Lauder Sumptuous Colour mascaras – they are LE though!

  7. Tali says:

    I would have smacked the MUA i hate it when they are pushy. I dont understand why they think they are experts in the field seeing as they are usually orange in the face with badly matchd foundation!!Love the YSL palette/purse thing… its so cute! Ive never seen it before!!Great haul!! xoxo

  8. That is one amazing Haul……love the YSL xxx

  9. You got some exciting things!I've never used Laura Mercier, but I've heard good things about their undereye concealer.I usually steer away from YSL, because the OTT gold packaging makes me think of granny-make-up. It's just an odd, stupid association that I make.I can't believe how expensive that foundation is! I might have to avoid trying it though as I'll want some, and I'll find a way of justifying the price to myself.Amy xPS. The jacket was Frank Usher :)PPS. My number is still the same. (ends in 834 if you want to check).

  10. Rebecca says:

    You got some lush stuff Jen :) Really want to attend one of these events, although I fear I'll spend a small fortune – haha!

  11. Sounds like a good time…We don't have too many things like that around here or I would be there in a heartbeat. I love YSL lippies…

  12. Nikki says:

    Great buys! Can you do a review on the Laura Mercier foundation? I would love to know what its like! Im tempted by the mascara in deep red also, Its getting added to my wishlist!! lolNikki xx

  13. Sarah says:

    Serious haulage!I'm tempted to go to the Harvey Nicks beauty event next week, which i think is a similar deal, £10 in redeemable on products etc. I know I'll spend a fortune though…

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