Heroes and Villains – THE WINNERS!

14 Comments 28 September 2009

First of all, apologies for all the delays with announcing the winners for this contest – our fab judge Alex Box has been extremely busy with London Fashion Week – she finally had time to scrutinise the finalist looks and make her decision today…

Like me and Krystle, Alex loved all the looks, and was glad to see how well all our entrants explored their inner hero or villain -She also thought how interesting it is to see different manifestations of good/evil and how people interpreted the theme so differently.

As I mentioned in the post announcing the finalists, we were amazed that we had FAR more villainous entries than heroic ones (you lot are clearly in touch with the dark side…), so without further ado…

Our RUNNER UP villain is Gracie’s twist on “Valentina the Serpent Queen”… Alex chose this look for the runner up as (she has) “Really gone for it! Gutsy execution and looks like she really had fun with it – which is what this contest is all about!”
Congrats Grace!

Our Fab winning look in the Villains category goes to Unicorn Smile, who submitted an amazing look based on Catwoman… Alex chose this look because “it is a very beautiful, very elegant take on a villain. Sharply executed and yet with a soft modern edge. Love it”. We loved it too, so well done to our top villain!

Moving onto the good guys… Our runner up hero was this amazing look based on Captain America by TackyBlueEyeShadow . Alex praised this look highly – “A very cool interpretation of comic hero Captain America. Very editorial – Dazed and Confused would love it!”. Well done Tacky – not only did we love the makeup, but we also loved the emulation of the man himself in the poses!
Last, but by no means least, our winning Hero look comes from Adina at KraseyBeauty.
Alex felt this look had the edge because of its “Interesting mix of classic eye shapes and contemporary skin patterns. She has clearly thought outside the box.” Well done Adina (We are still trying to work out how you got those stars so perfect too…)!

Our runners up will win an eyeshadow and nail varnish of their choice from Illamasqua, as well as an additional surprise from yours truly; The two first place winners will each recieve three eye shadows and a nail varnish of their choice from Illamasqua, plus a surprise from me…

All winners need to let me know what their addresses and choices are ASAP – My email is over to the side!

I’m sure you will all join us in saying a massive CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners!

MizzWorthy, Krystle and Illamasqua xxx

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14 Comments so far

  1. Lovesgreyboy says:

    All amazing entries and very worthy winners! congratulations to you all :)

  2. Sirvinya says:

    Wow, very creative entries! Congrats to the winners :)

  3. Pasiphae says:

    Congratulations to the winners! You all did a great job!

  4. Luce says:

    They all look fantastic, well done people!

  5. Yay – my favourites won! Well done everyone!

  6. UnicornSmile says:

    Aww that's great, thank you so much!!! Well done to the other winners too!!:) xx

  7. Congratulations everyone!!!!Especially adina 😉

  8. omg congrats to all! The looks were fabulous!! Well deserved!!Sara:)

  9. gracie says:

    o my! I won! hahaha!thanks!

  10. Glamakeup says:

    :( I really wanted to try Illamasqua products, cause here in Italy we don't have it :(Well I'm glad I was a finalist anyway :DCan't wait for another contest, maybe next time I'll win.Contraz to all the fabulous winners :Dxoxo

  11. Oh my goodness, I am beyond excited. Thank you so, so much for hosting such a wonderful contest. Congratulations to all who entered, as each and every entry was amazing!

  12. Gail says:

    Brilliant entries! I love Captain America especially. Congrats!! xxx

  13. Dazedboy says:

    Catwoman is blinding, I love her!!

  14. Whit says:

    I am really impressed!! Congrats to everyone!!

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