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6 Comments 22 August 2009

I recently blogged about a couple of Korres products (I’m still using that Tinted Moisturiser on a daily basis!), and the Rouge Bunny Rouge makeup range (here and here). Both are available from the Zuneta Website – in fact this is the only place you can get the RBR range online – there are lots of ranges on there I haven’t seen elsewhere or even heard of actually. Its definitely worth a visit if you like to find something a little bit different…

I actually discovered the wesite via the FAB blogs of BritishBeautyBlogger and LondonMakeupGirl
and its one of my faves now, I love going on to look at the lovely things lol… and deciding what to get next from Korres.

Anyway, Get to the point woman! When I blogged about the Korres products – a tinted moisturiser and a Zea Mays blush, I made the point of mentioning the issues with the colour descriptions and swatches that Korres have for the brand, which have that “pantone” thing going on (ie they look a bit like paint swatches from B&Q and similar places…). For example, my “peach” blush was more of a pink shade etc… In short, although Korres is a great range, it may suffer from bad swatches.

Shortly after publishing the review, I was emailed by the owner of the Zuneta website, who was in agreement that this was an issue, which she wanted to try put right, and she has been working with Korres on improving their swatches etc. In addition to this, Zuneta have also launched their own YouTube channel which give a really good overview of a lot of the korres products, such as which foundation is suitable for which skintype, an overview of available colours etc – so if you are thinking of making a purchase, I’d definitely recommend checking that out.

I also wanted to mention that the Zuneta website makes recommendations to you in terms of colours/products when you log in, as it helps you to create your own “Profile” in the Clinic section of the site – different profile types are represented by beautiful pictures of several different models of different skin shade and ethnic background, like the ones in this post…

Zuneta are now launching a search for new models to represent them on the website
the Zuneta Model Search 2010 is being held in conjunction with Elle Magazine, Rouge Bunny Rouge and the FM Modelling Agency – you can watch a video about the contest here.

Now I know lots of you bloggers are definite Model Material (you lucky ladies), and I’m sure a few of you will have had a hankering for having a go at something like this, so I hope you all check it out and maybe enter! From the video, I gather that the winners will be voted for by the public, so I’m really hoping one of our lovely bloggers will enter and we can all vote! Let us all know if you make an entry, so we can get behind you!

MizzWorthy xxx

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  1. This comp I'll bypass as I'm not model material at all lol but best of luck to everyone who enters! Am gonna look at the site now! X

  2. mizzworthy says:

    @GlitterishAllsorts – I know how you feel – I'm hoping someone goes for it though, and then we bloggers will be one step closer to world domination Mwahhhh Hahhh Hahhhh!xxx

  3. Grace London says:

    I love Zuneta – they have some great ranges. I think I'll leave the modelling to the younguns though 😉

  4. Laura says:

    I think Emma (MagpieSparkles) should enter this, she would be wonderful as a model :) xxx

  5. Replica says:

    I really recommend them too, they are really helpful if you have any queries, really like that they do videos, hope to see some RBR ones soonx

  6. Elise says:

    Hi, I wanted to leave you a comment to say that you've got a totally cool blog going on here ! Love your posts which are interesting, and you have great pictures too. Brilliant – thankyou for sharing them !Best wishes and have a great week.

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