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16 Comments 04 July 2009

Well, if you read my recent post, you’ll know I went to an Alex Box masterclass last night which was run by Illamasqua… I had a great time, and wanted to let you all in on a few of the highlights and things I learned at the class!

First of all, I met up with a fellow Illamasqua addict Helen (nail varnishes are her “thing” – and she writes and amazing blog with her friend a Sheenie, which I’d highly recommend that you check out – http://helensheenie.wordpress.com/) for lunch, and I was highly impressed by the length of her amazing -REAL – nails – have a look at her blog! She cites OPI’s Nail Envy, no manual labour and no washing up as the reason for their amazing length!
We also met up for a quick diet coke break with BritishBeautyBlogger, and a discussion about human hair eyelashes (an idea that makes me go ew!), and the problem of kohl liner gloopage, which was lovely (no one else gets this makeup obsession like another obsessive!), and then met up with GraceLondon just before the event…
Just before 6 we all gathered at the Illamasqua counter in Selfridges (Where me and Tali from the gloss goss blog caught up with each other) and were escorted to the upper floor where a lovely room had been prepared for us – we munched on champagne and canapes (which were so yummy) and then watched as Alex Box took us through creating a whole look, from primer and foundation through to eyes, lips and cheeks (including some amazing tips on contouring). There were 20 people at the event, and each pair of us had an artist who helped us to create our own alter ego look step by step along with Ms Box.Tali and me were extremely lucky to sit on the table with Mika and Aga who are both artists at the selfridges counter – they were both so lovely and helpful, and answered all our questions about everything. They made us feel really comfortable and we ended up having a really good laugh!

Aga shows me how to smoke it up…

Mika works his magic on Tali – not that she needs much help! Gorgeous girl!

Alex Box used another Alex – the lovely lady who works in the marketing dept (and who has been such a big help with getting the contests off the ground – Thank you Alex!) – as a model – and created an amazing, contoured and angular look – unfortunately, I had to leave the event a little bit earlier that everyone else to get my train home (Dammit Virgin – put a later one on!). Anyway, here is a bit of a blurred picture of the two Alex’s in action…

So what look did we create for me? Well after applying my base, and powdering with PINK loose powder (more on that later!), we contoured and highlighted my face (using bronzer, yellow blusher and pigments in marvel and breathe) and Mika painted on some fierce brows for me – I need to practice doing this – with black cake liner in mislead!

Aga then applied a fab orange and brown smokey winged out look to the eyes, and the look was completed by an application of red lippie in the shade Box….

A couple of close ups of the eyes…

The Finished Look! These were taken at home after a train journey etc – as you can see, all the makeup (Including the red lips) held up extremely well!)

I really loved my finished look – I think I would actually wear this out for a night out too. As Alex pointed out on the night, everyone is nervous about doing something different with their makeup – people will commit to a long term thing like a tattoo, but get all worried about putting on some makeup, which can be wiped off anyway!

After finishing off the look, Mika was lovely enough to pose for a couple of photos with me –

Strike a pose!

Messing about with Mika – I’m definately not his type lol – but he was such a star – he was so patient with all our questions and really taught me a few new trick – I’m so pleased I met him!
I was also lucky enough to meet the gorgeous Alex Box in person, and I was so flattered that she actually knew my name/who I was, and all about the blog – she was lovely and she actually said thank you to me for running the contests. I was really really nervous about meeting her, but she just put me straight at ease! I really wish I hadn’t had to run off early!

So after it was all over and I had to dash off to get my train I picked up a couple of bits – loose powder in the shade 005 – this is the pink powder which I believe Sam Chapman (Pixiwoo) has mentioned in her videos. This was one of the products I was interested in finding out more about – I had heard Sam mention that it brightens the face and makes you look refreshed, sets your foundation, but doesn’t look cakey – all true – this made me look like I had just woken up from 12 hours refreshing sleep… And as you can see I don’t look red faced or flushed.

I also picked up a powder blush in Posess (I’ve since found out I snaffled the last one as a few other people wanted it too – sorry everyone!) – this is the yellow blusher. Obviously at first this might seem a bit of a strange choice, however this is great for softening up bronzer to avoid that “hello world, I have applied a lovely streak of bronzer to my cheeks there, can you see it?” look – it also works as a highlighter for darker/tanned skins in the same way that Intruige (the white one) does on us pale types. I am wearing this in the pictures together with some bronzer and I’m loving how it looks – a really clever trick!

Finally I picked up a sheer lipgloss in the shade Lily-rose, a see through red glaze, which looks great on its own, but really brings red lipstick to life as well…

So, what else did I learn?

  1. Let your brushes do the work for you – eg when blending, dont press to hard, blending brushed are designed to work best with a light small circle motion – the outer bristles do the blending for you!
  2. Don’t be afraid to try new products – pink powder and yellow blusher? Hell yes!
  3. Remember, it’s only makeup! If it doesn’t work take it off and start again! I LOVED my finished look – it might not be the right thing for everyone, and yeah, I got a couple of “double takes” on the train, but do you knwo what – I didn’t care at all, and I reckon they were admiring my look! I loved the attention lol!
  4. Although makeup artists can at times seem a bit intimidating you should still ask lots of questions about products – Mika and Aga both really knew their stuff and just by answering our questions they taught us a hell of a lot!
  5. Don’t be afraid to clash – red lips and orange eyes might not be everyones first choice, but I think it worked amazingly!
  6. Just because it says its blusher, doesn’t mean you can’t do anything else with it – I noticed a lot of the artists used products for reasons other than their “label” says they can be used for – blushers on eyes, shadows on cheeks… don’t be afraid to experiment! I often use cream shadows (eg hunger) as a highlighter on the cheek…
  7. Have fun with it, and don’t stick to the “rules”.

So finally, a MASSIVE thank you to all the Makeup artists, Alex Box, Alex the model, and all the other people who helped make it such a fun night – I really hope I get the chance to go to another one of these in the future!

MizzWorthy xxx

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  1. Tali says:

    Hell yes to the yellow blush and pink powder!! :)Great post.. agree with the things you said. Products dont have to only be used in one place!Alex Box is so photogenic. Even though she is so soft spoken I was too nervous to go say hello!The make-up did hold up well.. the blending in the outer corner of your eyes looks really great. It all makes the blue pop! xxx

  2. Rebecca says:

    Sounds fab – would have totally gone if I was still in London!Mika was the one (with the help of Richie) that persuaded me Intrigue was a good buy, he was so not wrong!You're makeup looks awesome :) And the whole idea of a tattoo is permenant and makeup can be wiped off is totally true and how I often think of it, people shouldn't be sacred, going out of comfort zones sometimes is good :)

  3. mizzworthy says:

    @tali – lol, hell yeah! I can't believe I got to meet Alex Box – she was just so lovely! It was really really great to see you again too hun – I'm just gutted I had to go early!@Rebecca – Mika was so lovely! I was a bit nervous for some reason at the start of the event, and he totally put me at ease – we had a great laugh! You know I love trying different things, and last night made me determined to stay that way – it gave me loads of ideas! Would have been great to see you too! xx

  4. Stefanie says:

    How fun!! Those are some fierce brows, that's for sure. Looks like you had a great time!Alex look fabulous doesn't she? So theatrical and out there – I ♥ it

  5. Grace London says:

    Mika is a doll – he's helped me at the counter before and he is really lovely. I love your look – I need to have a closer look at Box. Isn't that pink powder great? I have it in pressed and love it.It was nice to meet you.

  6. Laura says:

    All I can say is wow…wow, wow, wow :) xxx

  7. Cat says:

    That's amazing – I am uber jealous! I keep making up an imaginary wish list of illamasqua products that I need. (Not want – need)

  8. Gabriela says:

    OMG!!!!You have a incredible night :)SO JEALOUS!!!Happy to see you are having lots of fun with Illamasqua :)

  9. tina_mbc says:

    What else can I say other than "I loved this post"! :)xxx

  10. You look fantastic!!! I am very excited to get over to the UK in august to check out the counter in person FINALLY! anyway, you look amazing! xx

  11. 132ndstreet says:


  12. Helen says:

    Wow looks like you had a great time! Great post hun, I've tagged you on my blog xx

  13. I have been meaning to comment here for ages but only just got myself in gear to set up a Blogger thingy to enable me to do so!SO nice to meet you – I had such a great time at the event.Your final look is stunning. I wish we could look like this every day. Can't wait for the next one.Thankyou for the shout-out. I've been avoiding the washing up all weekend ;)Also, I've tagged you for an award – check out my blog for more info.

  14. mizzworthy says:

    @Stefanie – we had a great time – Alex was lovely, she is so tiny and incredibly photogenic like Tali pointed out!@GraceLondon – you looked incredible too! Box is definately worth a look – its a blue red so makes teeth look whiter… I also have maneater, which is a "true" red, and so suits everyone!@Laura – thanks hunny bunch! @cat – Lol, welcome to my world – I spend most of my free time doing that hahahah!@Gabriella – hey girl! Yeah, it was so great. Loved it! @BBB – Lol – I loved them! Mika had to paint them on for me though – no way I could have done it myself!@tinaMBC – Glad you liked it hun! Thanks so much for reading x@BelleDuJour – I'm sure you'll love it!@132ndStreet – Oh, I'd love to see you at the next one!@Helen – thanks for the tag! I'll be sure to check it out xxx@Helen (NiceThings) – Thanks so much hun – it was great to meet you – I wish we could look this way all the time too! I think I need a fancy power dressing style job so I can lol xx

  15. It looks like you had an amazing time! I only wish I had the opportunity to hop on over to London and go too! You look gorgeous Jen, thank you so much for this post!!

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