Surviving the HEAT!!!!

10 Comments 30 June 2009

Oh god – this heat and humidity are killing me! I’m simply NOT built for it – my skin feels prickly and hot and I feel faint and slightly nauseous all the time – I know summer is traditionally thought of as the nicest time of the year, but for me and probably for lots of other pale peeps – we need a little help!

I’m convinced my difficulties are in part due to genes – I am of Irish and Northern English stock – few reserves of melanin and pale pale pale. I feel gross and uncomfortable in direct sunshine, and can only bear the heat on holiday if I am near to a pool in which I can constantly immerse myself when I need to cool off! Hell is sightseeing abroad for me I’m afraid… My boyfriend on the other-hand has a very mediteranean genetic makeup – egyptian/maltese – so he basically uses a light spritz of fry-light rather than sunscreen lol!

So how do I cope with the heat? My weapons arsenal includes…


Without doubt the most important weapon in my fight against the heat! I actually wear facial sunscreen all year round in my moisturiser, but as soon as I see a glimmer of light breaking through the grey clouds which traditionally cover the UK for the majority of the year, I lavish my whole body with sunscreen. Prevention is better than cure!

The obvious problem with sunscreen though is sticky thick gloopy cream that just forms a sweaty sticky layer on the skin. I have already mentioned my love of Ambre Solaire clear protect – this is available up to SPF 30, and is a clear spray without a hint of greasiness – I love it – absolutely ZERO greasy feel, and stays comfortable all day in the heat/driving around in the car between visits etc.

I also use a facial sunscreen of SPF 50 every single day in the summer. I’m currently using a mattifying one I picked up from tesco’s (Soleil Beauty) but I’m not sure I’d repurchase it – I think simple’s version is much better, and more matte on the skin…

So why is sunscreen so important – click on this article to find out more –


Clearly in the summer we are a hell of a lot more prone to dehydration and it really goes without saying that dehydration plays a part in that nauseous listless feeling I get in the heat. I read somewhere that in summer we need to increase our intake from 2 to 3 litres a day to combat the moisture we lose in sweat (yuk)… I can’t really manage that much just on a practical level at work – I can’t go to the loo while I’m out and about on visits, so I just take a bottle around with me to sip and top up when I get back to the office. I have also made a big effort to cut down on caffeine which is a diuretic and therefore dehydrates us even more…

One of my other favourite things at the moment is a nice refreshing facial spray – my current fave is the Body Shops vitamin C face spray, purely because the citrussy scent seems to make it so much more refreshing and zingy… Not only is it lovely to spritz on for a quick cool at anytime of the day, but I also discovered that that it is great to spray over the bed before climbing in to stop your temp rocketing… try it! Obviously, other facial sprays are out there – evian do a cheap one, MAC make fix+ etc etc…

I also love rolling the Garnier Nutritionist eye roll on onder my eyes when I feel particularly puffy and swollen with the heat –

I started trying this out a couple of weeks ago and as the heat has increased, I have got more and more addicted to it – we recieved one in our Garnier Goody Bags the other day too, so I have a supply sorted for the next couple of months at least! Phew!


I was advised on twitter today by MitzyG that putting your knickers in the freezer is great way to start the day!

Eating mint – this is a natural way to keep your body cool.

Avoid man-made fibres and wear a lot of cotton!

Anyone got any other ideas? All tips greatfully recieved!!!


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  1. Stefanie says:

    Great post! I absolutely love the Body Shop Vit C spray (and the Vit E one aswell!)

  2. Louise says:

    I like the vitamin e one too what skin type is the vitamin c one for? I also use the spray version of Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic all over me at night it has lots of cucumber and aloe vera Oh and I don't think I'll be putting my knickers in the freezer lol. Also my mum has always said that you should should never have a freezing cold shower when your hot as its too much of a shock to the system a tepid one will leave you more refreshed :)- I for one need any tips I can get tonight its stupidly sticky

  3. Tali says:

    Ugh.. i am dying in this humidity. Its not the heat but the thick air thats killing me!!I have a tip.. the bathroom is normally one of the coolest places in the house.. so if worst comes to worst… magazines, portbale fan and a cusion and the bath is your new lounge chair!

  4. Laura says:

    Urgh…summer for me pretty much = yuk! It's so sad because the sunshine definitely makes me happy…but I'm talking spring/early summer sunshine, not 30 degrees and humid sunshine…I echo what Tali said, it's the thick and close air, that sticks to you and is impossible to cool down from! I hate moaning about it, seems wrong somehow given that we moan when it's cold/raining, but it really is so uncomfortable and just ruins summer for me! I'll have to try the sunscreen you mentioned, I use a Nivea spray one but it is slightly tacky. I need an SPF of 50 for the face too…had no idea Simple made one, I thought it was only MAC Prep & Prime…might have to check that out…could you possibly do a review on it honey? xxx

  5. mizzworthy says:

    @Stefanie – I'd be willing to bet you aussie girls have some great ideas for getting used to the heat? Come on lady spill lol!@Louise – Both the vit e and vit c are meant to be for both skin types, but I personally think that the vit e is more suited to dry skin types as its very "soft" and the vit e is a natural moisturiser. I do actually have dry skin but in the summer heat and humidity, I just really feel like the vit c one is more refreshing – the scent alone (citrussy and grapefruity) is a real pick-me-up, and it seems to work better cos in the summer my face feels more sweaty and greasy – gross but true!@Tali – I get what you mean – its not just the heat, its also the humidity! I love spring sunshine but there is currently a thick smoggy layer over my town which is just trapping all the moisture and stickiness… to top it all off I have to dress reasonably smartly for work too, so cant wear nice loose dresses etc…Great tips about the bathroom!@Laura – there are LOADS of high SPF sunscreens out there. Boots generally seems to have the best selection for some reason – my dad uses the soltan spf 50 every single day – and a lot of their facial SPF's contain "Perfect and Protect" serum too… I'll pick up some simple sunscreen and try to get a review done. Oh and I have that nivea spray too – very tacky, def try the clear protect – its on offer at the moment in Tescos too!

  6. Great post! One tip that I know of (if you aren't wearing any makeup) is to keep your makeup wipes (or any facial wipes at all) in the refrigerator. Then, when you feel like you are melting you can just pop one out and wipe your face/body cool 😉

  7. cool shower before bed and leave your hair wet to sleep….since we lose so much body heat through head, wet hair is a good way to make this happen…you have to sleep on a towel though! Other thing is running your wrists under a cold tap…..and good old fashioned eau de cologne wipes give a temporary relief…XXX

  8. Gail says:

    oh I'll be trying out BBB's tips above me!! I am not enjoying the heat wave either :/

  9. mizzworthy says:

    Some great tips there from Krasey beauty and BBB – I will def be trying those out!@Gail – I know, its just hell lol! x

  10. UnicornSmile says:

    Knickers in the freezer is the best advice I've heard in a long time..hahahahh

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